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CPST is one of the world's famous inspection, appraisal, testing and certification organizations in the "safe world", and is well-known worldwide for its world-class services and leading technology. CPST provides hazardous substance testing, safety regulations, EMC, environmental safety testing, reliability and failure analysis of electronic and electrical products, material reliability and failure in various fields such as industrial product testing, consumer product testing, trade security, life sciences and expert guidance. Analysis, material composition analysis and identification, textiles, clothing and footwear, leather, various toy products, automotive vehicles and their parts, food, drugs, cosmetics...

Tel: +86 769 38937858Fax: +86 769 38937859Email: service@www.empireartistries.com

Add: Room 1092, No. 12. East of Houjie Avenue, Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

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